A$AP Rocky dissed Ian Connor during his performance at the 2023 Rolling Loud Miami festival over the weekend. After hearing the news online this week, the celebrity stylist fired back at A$AP Rocky in his DMs.

When Did A$AP Rocky Diss Ian Connor?

On Sunday (July 23), A$AP Rocky took lyrical jabs at both Ian Connor and A$AP Bari while performing his verse from A$AP Mob's 2016 single, "Telephone Calls." The rapper, who was headlining day 3 of the 2023 Rolling Loud Miami festival, revised his original lyrics about the two creatives. Instead of praising Ian Connor and A$AP Bari like he initially did in the song, A$AP Rocky took digs at them.

"Call up young lord ASAP Bari, he a b***h," he rapped during his verse of the song. "And the young boy Ian Connor, he a b***h."

In the initial lyrics, A$AP Rocky said: "Call the young Lord, A$AP Bari, he legit/Money clean, young boy, Ian Connor off the s**t."

Ian Connor Addresses A$AP Rocky for Dissing Him During Performance at 2023 Rolling Loud Miami

On Monday (July 24), Ian Connor addressed A$AP Rocky in his DMs after the news and culture blog Bobbalam News and Media hopped on their Instagram with a post about A$AP Rocky dissing him, which can be seen below. Ian Connor posted a screenshot of their messages through his Instagram Story. In the first message, the fashion guru questioned A$AP Rocky about the shots he took at him and A$AP Bari. A$AP Rocky responded by saying that Ian Connor had nothing to worry about but didn't blame Connor if he chose not to believe him. Ian Connor, who was taken aback by the news, then asked A$AP Rocky for some clarity on the situation. Alongside the screenshot, Ian Connor penned "no pressure."

"F**k this about?" Ian Connor questioned after sending A$AP Rocky Bobbalam News and Media's post.
A$AP Rocky responded: "Bout nuttin, u prolly wont believe me lol, word to tho, can't blame u if u don't."
"I like to hear unbelievable s**t, cus wasgoin, when we set this tone?" Ian Connor typed back.

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Ian Connor Asks A$AP Rocky to Clear the Air About Diss

In another screenshot that Ian Connor shared on his Instagram Story, the New Jersey native asked A$AP Rocky in another message to speak up about the diss because it wasn't putting him in the best light. In the post below, A$AP Rocky assured Ian Connor that the blogs were misconstruing his verse because he forgot his lyrics halfway into the performance. The Harlem-based rapper also insisted that he and Ian Connor were still on good terms. Although Ian Connor was aware of the mix up, he asked A$AP Rocky to tell everyone what happened. According to the stylist, he's been doing his best to stay out of drama. This time, Ian Connor wrote "word" next to the other screenshot.

"They runnin wit dat, I jabbed @ bruh and 4got the lyrics mid sentence, listen closely, 'he da s**t,'" A$AP Rocky penned. "Don't feed into that yung, no plea coppin but u know u good in my book we ain't on dat type of time."

"Tell them folks that Flacko, I look brazy even if it's mistaken," Ian Connor replied. "I been out here doin good staying sucka free to minimal bulls**t and now I'm all over the place for you taking shots at Bari. Instant Karma maybe but I can't digg that."

In a final post on his Instagram Story, Ian Connor sent a subliminal message about using his name in future songs and compared it to Lil Durk and India Royale's relationship.

"Don't put my name in no songs from this point forward," Ian Connor wrote. "Y'all n***as is not Lil Durk and I'm not India."

A$AP Rocky also dissed Travis Scott during his set at 2023 Rolling Loud Miami. The rapper alleged Travis Scott of copying his artistic style.

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Read Ian Connor and A$AP Rocky's DMs below.

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