Tyga recently hopped on Instagram to show off his shiny new purple diamond grill, but there's a catch - stylist Ian Connor thinks Tyga is biting him.

After Tyga posted the pic of his new teeth (above), Ian Connor simply tweeted, "Damn Tyga" with disappointed emoji faces. Tyga asked "Damn Tyga what" and after some back and forth, Ian laid it down straight: "Shoulda Fucked With Ben Baller Cus Ya Diamonds Looking Gapped Blood," he wrote to Tyga. He accompanied his tweets with selfies of his own diamond grill, done by jeweler Ben Baller.

Tyga responded to Ian by saying, "bigger stones cuz. Ben did his thang tho" after which Ian said, "Diamonds On My Teeth, Ya Shit Look Like Foil Yea." All Tyga had to say to that was, "stop it."

Ian is a somewhat mysterious figure, and one that's come under Kanye''s wing in recent months. In February he talked with Billboard about working with Yeezy: "I’m his creative consultant so I [advise] on the clothing and [give] my ideas as far as “this is right, this is wrong, this is cool, we should bring in this person, we should not fuck with this person."

He also spoke about the influence Rocky and Kanye have had on his personality. "As far as like, how to conduct myself, like as a businessman how to conduct myself, that’s all based off of Kanye and Rocky," he said. "You have Rocky, who’s very political but he’s still himself, and then you have Kanye and he’s just straight up and speaks his mind and he’s going to get across what he sees inside his mind. It’s his world in his head and he brings that out. Whereas Rocky is more political. So yeah, Rocky and Kanye, I’m lucky to work for them. They’re also like family and on top of that my mentors."

Check the timeline of Tyga and Ian Connor's beef below.

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