Singer Cher's boyfriend Alexander "AE" Edwards is opening up about the recent viral brawl with Travis Scott and Southside in Cannes, France.

AE Calls Brawl a Healthy Fade

On Wednesday (May 29), TMZ caught up with AE at Los Angeles International Airport where he downplayed the intense fight with La Flame and Sizzle that went down at a Cannes Film Festival after-party.

"It's all good," AE, who is also BFFs with Tyga, told the celebrity news site. "Shout out to Southside, that's my n***a. I know he was just defending his boy and doing what he supposed to be doing as his boy. I don't got no hard feelings. It is what it is. It went how it went. An that's it."

At the end of the day, AE called the altercation a healthy fade. "I dont want to fight. I don't initiate that s**t," he continued. "N***as getting money living they dreams, I'm all about that. But I'ma protect myself and my people. That's it. That's all it is...It's just n***as being n***as, at the end of the day. A healthy fade."

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Brawl Breaks Out at Cannes After-Party

As previously reported, on May 24, a video surfaced of a brawl breaking out at a Cannes Film Festival after-party hosted by nightclub tycoon Richie Akiva. According to TMZ, the incident was sparked after Travis took exception to being mentioned by the host in a shoutout along with Tyga. Travis allegedly snatched the mic from Akiva, which angered AE who confronted the Texas rhymer.

Travis reportedly cussed at Tyga's security before leaving the scene and returning with Southside. Shortly afterward, a fight broke out with all three men tussling on stage. The kerfuffle was eventually broken up.

It is unclear if Travis Scott and Tyga have a real beef. However, it has been speculated they might have issues due to them both dating Kylie Jenner.

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Check out the video of AE commenting on the brawl with Travis Scott and Southside below.

Watch AE Talk About Fighting With Travis Scott and Southside in Cannes

Watch Video of the Altercation

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