With social media on fire with these videos, Theophilus London goes in on Ian Connor:

Original Story:

While out in Paris, today (June 23) Theophilus London tweeted to Kanye West and A$AP Rocky fashion affiliate Ian Connor, saying, "Every time I see u I'm gonna fuck you up, Evrytime u dirty fucking rapist ." He followed that with a picture of A$AP Bari, the man behind the VLONE brand, and then said, "Everything Bari did for u Everything Virgil did for u Everything I did for u That's the thx we get? Word ?! get security bro asap."

A$AP Bari himself even snuffed Ian Connor, as you can see in video below. Sounds like people in Kanye's camp heard a few more stories.

In recent weeks, Ian Connor has come under heavy scrutiny for increasing rape allegations from a number of women, yet no one in his camp or close to him has come out against him. Now London, who's closely associated to Kanye, not only dissed him on Twitter, but also stepped to him in person.

In the video above, you can see London confronting the Atlanta fashionista and saying, "I'll slap the shit out of you." Connor doesn't look too happy, and even A$AP Rocky is present in a separate clip.

Read London's tweets below and watch him step to Connor above. There's also footage of Connor swinging on Theo, which you can see below as well.

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