Wild moments are inevitable on every hip-hop tour. From mosh pits, epic stage dives and even getting odd knick-knacks from hardcore fans, anything can happen to rappers who decide to hit the road. Drake and 21 Savage's It's All a Blur Tour, which kicked off on July 5 at Chicago's United Center, is no different.

What's Happened So Far on the It's All a Blur Tour?

With more than 50 stops to go, Drake and 21 Savage's Its All a Blur Tour will either leave fans at a standstill or the rappers with potential severe injuries. On the first night of the tour, Drake had a cell phone and bra thrown at him while performing. Luckily, the rapper counteracted with a carefree attitude. By the third night at Detroit's The Little Caesars Arena, the "Headlines" artist had to duck for cover after fans tossed shoes and hats on the stage. However, Drizzy managed to push through with stellar performances.

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Drake and 21 Savage Deliver Visuals on Stage for It's All a Blur Tour

The rappers also delivered noteworthy visuals during their time on the mic. Fans at the Chicago show saw Drake performing next to an actor that resembled him so much that fans thought it was a hologram. That same night, Drizzy's set contained a backdrop of what seemed to be floating sperm. 21 Savage, however, showcased his love for R&B by walking to the stage to Fantasia's "When I See U." Moments later during his set on July 5, the "On BS" rhymer displayed a rather suggestive visual that correlated to the song's context.

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All in all, Drake and 21 Savage's It's All a Blur Tour is bound to have more wild moments. But, for now, XXL has listed the most bizarre ones that have happened thus far.

See the Wildest Moments Happening at Drake and 21 Savage's It's All a Blur Tour Below

  • Drake Gets Hit With a Large Bra

    On July 5, Drake stopped his performance midway at Chicago's United Center after two female fans threw their bras on stage. In the clip below, the "Rich Flex" rhymer couldn't help but to admire one of the undergarment's enormous size.

  • Drake Gets Hit With Cellphone

  • 21 Savage Comes Out to Fantasia

    On July 5, 21 Savage, who has often showcased his love for timeless R&B records, made a grand entrance at the United Center in Chicago. In the video below, 21 Savage walks down the venue's stairs while Fantasia's 2006 hit, "When I See U," plays in the background.

  • 21 Savage Displays New Tour Visual on Stage of an Eggplant Penetrating a Peach

  • Drake Shows Visual of Floating Sperm on Stage

  • Drake Raps Next to a Person Who Fans Originally Thought Was a Hologram

    At Chicago's United Center on July 5, Drake confused fans after a person, who represents the rapper in his adolescence, was mistaken for a hologram. The boy, who turned out to be a family friend, sat on a bed watching Family Matters before handing Drake, who plays the older version of himself, a rhyme book.

  • Drake Calls Childish Gambino's "This Is America" Overrated in Tour Visual

    Elsewhere during Drake's set at Chicago's United Center on July 5, the "God's Plan" rapper threw shots at Childish Gambino while performing his 2011 single, "Headlines." On the bottom portion of the stage a message popped up that said "The overrated and overawarded hit song 'This Is America' was originally a Drake diss record."

    Childish Gambino unveiled to GQ magazine last April that his 2018 single started out as a diss toward the Certified Lover Boy rhymer.

  • Drake Ducks for Cover After Being Hit With Air Jordans and Hats

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