Controversial personality Andrew Tate is dissing Drake after seeing the Toronto rapper wearing pink nail polish. Lil Yachty is now trolling Tate in response.

Andrew Tate Disses Drake When Rapper Wears Pink Nail Polish

On Tuesday (July 4), Andrew Tate, who's become just as known for his boldly misogynistic statements as he is for his former kickboxing career, hit up Twitter with a direct shot aimed at Drake. Upon catching a glimpse of the viral video below where Drake can be seen sporting a set of freshly manicured nails complete with pink polish, Tate took a stance. The polarizing social media personality made it clear that he isn't interested in a Drizzy meet and greet any time soon.

"There's a reason I deny meeting all the famous people who try to meet me," Andrew Tate tweeted along with Drake's nail polish video.

Lil Yachty Trolls Andrew Tate in Drake's Defense

As Andrew Tate's not-so-subliminal diss toward Drake began to make rounds online Tuesday, Lil Yachty was quick to jump to his friend and frequent collaborator's aid. The Georgia-bred artist slid into the comments section of an Instagram post that DJ Akademiks made on the subject to troll Andrew Tate's disdain while poking fun at both himself and Drake in the process.

"Man, dis s**t weird AF," Lil Yachty jokingly commented. "SMH u used to be our hero, Drake. U let dat boy Yachty get 2 u."

Andrew Tate's Controversy in Hip-Hop

This isn't the first time Andrew Tate has been the subject of controversy in the hip-hop space. Earlier this year, N.O.R.E. was hit with some heavy backlash after asking fans of his popular podcast, Drink Champs, if he should invite Tate onto the show. Social media users were universally upset with N.O.R.E. for the suggestion due to the fact that Andrew Tate was recently arrested in Romania on suspicion of rape and human trafficking.

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Drake's Nail Polish Is Becoming a Trend

As for Drake and his nail polish, the Her Loss spitter has seemingly taken a liking to the head-turning fashion statement. Last month, fans had plenty of jokes for Drake after he sported a then-yellow set of nails during a livestream.

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See Andrew Tate calling out Drake for wearing pink nail polish and Lil Yachty's reaction below.

See Andrew Tate Diss Drake After Seeing Rapper’s Pink Nail Polish and Lil Yachty Troll Tate Below

Controversial Internet Personality Andrew Tate Disses Drake After Seeing Rapper’s Pink Nail Polish, Lil Yachty Trolls Tate in Response

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