Lil Yachty had a hilarious response this week on the first episode of his podcast, A Safe Place, after remembering the time Sean Paul dissed him in an old radio interview with The Breakfast Club in 2016.

Lil Yachty Explains Why Sean Paul Isn't His Cup of Tea

On Thursday (June 29), Lil Yachty and his cohost, MitchGoneMad, dropped a new episode of A Safe Place on YouTube, and the two spoke about the origin of hookah, what separates their podcast from others, BBLs and much more, which you can see below.

Amid their discussion, Mitch and Yachty explored the concept of falling off at the 27:53-mark of the video (below). After Mitch expressed how Sean Paul is one of the musicians who shouldn't have fallen off, the "Poland" rapper stated that Paul has remained significantly relevant. In Yachty's opinion, Sean Paul's lack of new music has kept him out of the spotlight.

"Nobody ever said Sean Paul fell off. They [Sean Paul and Shaggy] just stopped making music. I don't think they're still dropping music," Lil Yachty stated.

Lil Boat followed his opinion with a not-so-nice remark toward the "Temperature" musician before explaining why he and Paul aren't on good terms.

"By the way, f**k Sean Paul. I want to make that very clear," Lil Yachty said. "I don't f**k with Sean Paul. Sean Paul once dissed me in a radio interview."

Afterward, the Let's Start Here artist posted a clip of what Sean Paul said during his discussion with The Breakfast Club.

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Sean Paul Disses Lil Yachty During an Interview With The Breakfast Club

Sean Paul dissed Lil Yachty during an interview with The Breakfast Club in 2016, which you can see below. Paul's response came about after Charlamagne The God mentioned Lil Yachty during a discussion regarding talent in the hip-hop industry.

"If it were really about talent in the hip hop industry, you wouldn't have some of these younger cats talking that […] the Lil Yachty dem. 'The 'Boat Boy,'" Sean Paul says. "I mean, I don't know much of the dude's music either. I don't like his comments."

Paul's mind was made up about Yachty after the "66" star admitted that he couldn't name five songs by Tupac or The Notorious B.I.G. during an interview with Billboard in 2016.

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Listen to Lil Yachty's hilarious response after remembering that Sean Paul dissed him in an old radio interview below.

Listen to Lil Yachty's Hilarious Response After Remembering Sean Paul Dissed Him Below

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