Sean Paul and Migos just collaborated on a new anthem titled “Body” and the artists did not waste any time getting a video out. The Atlanta natives and Jamaican rep drop a visual that takes all four of them to Miami Beach.

The singer and Atlanta trio post up in a few beautiful locations and hang out with some equally gorgeous women. Migos shine on the bouncy record, spitting rhymes about the ladies that caught their respective eyes.

“She gorgeous, I'ma pay her mortgage/I'ma buy you Christian Louboutin until you can afford it/Take you on a trip cause I know that your nigga boring/Christian Dior scraping on the floor when we boarding/Her booty roll and she go slow motion, I stroke it/There's something 'bout you, you know you special, you golden,” Offset raps on the opening verse.

After Sean Paul and Takeoff add their flavor to the cut, Quavo comes in with yet another entertaining verse to add to his catalog of guest appearances.

“Hundreds of bottles and beautiful models/I wanna sing to her, Quavo Sinatra/She know that I'm young, but she loving my posture//She told me get rid of my chicks on my roster/Okay, okay, okay/It's cool, girl, whatever you say/She catch a body cause she have a AK/She catch a body cause she have a AK/And she won't sell work/She gon' ride against the world cause that's my girl/Celine bag was her dream bag/When she woke up in the morning, let her seen that,” Quavo raps.

Watch Sean Paul's "Body" video featuring Migos below.

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