21 Savage recently displayed a new tour visual that included an animated eggplant penetrating a peach on stage for his It's All a Blur Tour with Drake.

21 Savage Displays the Visual of the Eggplant Penetrating a Peach on Stage

Last Wednesday (July 5), three suggestive graphics of a peach and eggplant played on stage during 21's performance at the United Center in Chicago, which can be seen below.

In a video posted by TikTok user kavwaii, the "Rich Flex" rapper was spitting his verse from Young Nudy's "Peaches and Eggplants" when suddenly, the crowd witnessed the sensual imagery on stage. The eggplant attempts to plunge sideways at the peach before the two food items float around each other as 21 rhymes.

That night, 21 Savage made a grand entrance while Fantasia's 2006 hit, "When I See U," played in the background.

In the clip below, the Her Loss rhymer strolls down the stairs as the R&B ballad blares through the speakers.

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What Other Racy Symbols Have Appeared at 21 Savage and Drake's It's All a Blur Tour?

Drake has also made what appears to be sensual references during his performance on the It's All a Blur Tour.

Last Wednesday, Drake was surrounded by a light show of floating sperm for his tour performance.

In the clip below, a backdrop of what seems to be sperm moves in a circular motion while Drake performs one of his ballads. The sperm seemingly follows the "Passionfruit" artist around the stage as he delivers emotional lyrics.

Drake also stopped his set at one point after a woman threw her bra at him. After discovering the size of the undergarment, the Certified Lover Boy rapper expressed how much he liked it, which can be seen below.

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See 21 Savage's new tour visual that includes an animated eggplant penetrating a peach on stage below.

Watch 21 Savage's New Tour Visual That Includes an Animated Eggplant Penetrating a Peach on Stage Below

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