Travis Scott's new album, Utopia, is immediately drawing comparisons to Kanye West's Yeezus.

Fans Compare Travis Scott's Utopia to Kanye West's Yeezus

Just minutes after Travis Scott dropped his highly anticipated Utopia album at midnight on Friday (July 28), Kanye West's Yeezus became a trending topic across Twitter. The reason is that so many people catching a first listen to Cactus Jack's new LP couldn't help but be reminded of Ye's multiplatinum album from 2013.

"Kanye is always 10 years ahead," one Twitter user wrote, noting that Travis Scott's album dropped exactly a decade after Kanye West's. "In 2013 he dropped Yeezus, 10 years laters, Travis drops #Utopia which has Kanye production influence all over it."

Another fan of both Travis Scott and Kanye West chimed in: "Yeah Utopia is legit can't even complain that was a good a*s experience, Yeezus is one inspirational a*s album man."

As more comparisons to Utopia and Yeezus universally flooded social media timelines, plenty of users were also quick to note that while Travis appears to have drawn influence from Ye, the same can be said to the contrary.

"I think people forget that Travis Scott was a HUGE influence on Yeezus," a social media user commented, sharing the same sentiment as many others.

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What Songs on Travis Scott's Utopia Are Being Compared to Tracks on Kanye West's Yeezus?

While the entirety of Travis Scott's long-awaited opus appears to be similar to Yeezus in terms of tonality and pacing, there are some specific songs on Utopia that sound so akin to those on the Kanye West LP in question, that it's pretty much undeniable. For example, Ye's track "New Slaves" carries the same type of full-bodied layered synths that can be heard throughout Utopia while the production on Travis' "Modern Jam" has been described as having a distinct Kanye West-type sound.

Perhaps the most glaring similarity between the two albums comes in the form of Utopia's "Circus Maximus" versus Yeezus' "Black Skinhead." A simple side-by-side comparison of the two songs brings forth noticeable parallels in everything from the distinguishable drum patterns right down to the panned-out vocal effects.

Listen to Kanye West's "Black Skinhead"

Listen to Travis Scott's "Circus Maximus"

Why Does Production on Utopia Sound So Similar to That of Yeezus?

As it turns out, the reason why Travis Scott's album sounds so similar to the Kanye West LP that dropped 10 years prior may be very easily explained. Two Grammy-winning producers in particular, Mike Dean and Noah Goldstein, had a heavy hand in the production of both Utopia and Yeezus. In fact, both Dean and Goldstein have been raking in song credits for working with Ye and Travis dating as far back as their respective debut studio albums, 2004's The College Dropout and 2015's Rodeo.

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Travis Scott's Utopia Album Grabs Headlines

Travis Scott and his new Utopia album have recently dominated conversations across the hip-hop world. Aside from the comparisons to Yeezus, topics such as Travis' Utopia show in Egypt that was canceled at the last minute, the album's five eccentric versions of cover art and the fact that Drake dissed Pusha T and Pharrell Williams on his "Meltdown" guest verse have all been the subject of major headlines.

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Check out the similarities between Utopia and Yeezus below.

Listen to Both Travis Scott's Utopia and Kanye West's Yeezus and See More Comparisons to the Two Albums

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