6ix9ine is claiming he's been blackballed from the "fake" music industry as he compares his high streaming numbers on YouTube to the same views Travis Scott has achieved.

6ix9ine Compares His "Shaka Laka" YouTube Views to Those of Travis Scott's "K-POP"

On Sunday (July 23), 6ix9ine hit up Instagram with a side-by-side comparison of the YouTube views his new song "Shaka Laka" featuring Kodak Black has received compared to the views Travis Scott has raked in on his latest single, "K-POP" with The Weeknd and Bad Bunny. With both songs having just dropped on Friday (July 21), 6ix9ine shows that while he feels as though he's been ousted from some of the industry's primary music outlets, his track with Yak is performing neck and neck with a song that features three of the biggest names in the business.

6ix9ine Claims He's Blackballed From Important Aspects of the Music Industry

In the since-deleted Instagram post revisited by DJ Akademiks below, 6ix9ine implies that in the four years since he became a federal informant and testified against fellow members of the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods, the Brooklyn rapper has been blackballed from aspects of the music industry like radio play and streaming playlists.

"NO SHADE POST," 6ix9ine captions a screenshot showing that Travis Scott racked up an equal amount of YouTube views as Travis Scott in just a matter of days. "THIS IS JUST FOR PEOPLE TO BE AWARE OF THE BULLS**T IN REAL-TIME. I AM BLACKBALLED FROM ALL RADIO, DSP PLAYLISTING THAT GENERATES THE MAJORITY OF 'SIMULATED PLAYS' THEY GIVE ARTIST."

6ix9ine continues: "I'M STILL HERE 4 YEARS LATER AFTER ALL THE CLOSED DOORS COMPETING WITH THE BIGGEST ARTISTS IN THE WORLD. With these numbers organically imagine if I had all the machines and push they give your favorite artists."

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6ix9ine Doubles Down on His Opinion that the Music Industry Is Fake

In the comments section of the IG post Akademiks shared regarding 6ix9ine and Travis Scott, Tekashi doubled down on his opinion that the music industry is full of "fake" streaming numbers and he's not allowed to benefit from the alleged practice.

"No one knows how fake this industry is," 6ix9ine claims below. "For the people mentioning show Spotify and apple streams. Did you know this FACT 'playlisting makes up for about 75% of artist streams. (Not fake streams but someone doesn't have to click your song as long as they enter the playlist it automatically gives you a stream' So when you see them number 1 on apple or on the Spotify it's because your label is paying for that spot and that playlisting placement."

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6ix9ine's "Shaka Laka" is Currently Outpacing Travis Scott's "K-POP" on YouTube

While there's certainly no concrete proof that 6ix9ine has been blacklisted from anything, there's no denying that his new song with Kodak Black is performing very well. In fact, as of press time, "Shaka Laka" is outperforming Travis Scott's "K-POP" featuring Bad Bunny and The Weeknd with over 6.9 million views compared to Cactus Jack's 5.9 million.

See 6ix9ine Compare His High YouTube Streaming Numbers to the Same Travis Scott Achieved and Say He's Blackballed Below

6ix9ine Compares His High YouTube Streaming Numbers to Same Travis Scott Achieved, Tekashi Claims He’s Blackballed
6ix9ine Compares His High YouTube Streaming Numbers to Same Travis Scott Achieved, Tekashi Claims He’s Blackballed

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