6ix9ine is calling out Billboard for changing their rules about merch album sales and claiming he was the reason for change in the first place.

On Thursday (May 4), Billboard reported the Billboard albums charts will be counting a limited number of "fan packs" a merch bundles with physical album sales for the Billboard 200 chart. This rule will go into affect on June 30. This is a version to a previous rule that was stopped in 2020. 6ix9ine took exception to the rule change, blasting Billboard on social media and alleging they initially changed the rule because of him.

"I'm the reason you guys got rid of this rule," 6ix9ine wrote on his Instagram Story on Friday (May 5). "You guys did everything and anything just to not see me win. Bringing it back because y'all artists can't sell without it."

6ix9ine doubled down in the comment section of a blog post about the update.

"The rule got changed in June/July of 2020," he wrote. "I sold over 3,000,000 dollars of bulged merch for gooba. The nicki and Travis thing was in 2018 for Queen because I promoted it. The industry changed rules and laws just to blackball an artist that’s how I know I’m really him. Get mad all you want but this is facts."

6ix9ine is referencing the time in 2018 when Travis Scott's Astroworld album beat out Nick Minaj's Queen for the No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200 chart. Nicki Minaj lashed out, claiming Travis only beat her due to merch bundles he sold with his album, which were counted at the time. In 2020, following a rule change, Big Sean's Detroit 2 album debuted at No. 1 over 6ix9ine's TattlesTales after Billboard removed 100,000 units off Tekashi's tally that were deemed inedible because they accompanied merch sales.

6ix9ine's latest rant comes after he went on a diatribe about hip-hop fans being biased against Spanish rappers.

"I seen a lot of people saying, 'Yo, 6ix9ine went from English to Spanish,'" 6ix9ine said in the Instagram clip. "This is one: I owe my record label a Spanish album that they paid me $3 million for in 2020...Let's talk about two. You know how many Spanish n***as is born and raised in Brooklyn, Manhattan, The Bronx, Queens, Staten Island—the whole New York City? What y’all trying to say? Spanish n***as can’t eat? So when you Spanish, you can only make reggaeton? You can only make Spanish music? It’s our culture too, n***a. F**k is you talking about?"

“Just think about it: name one Spanish rapper other than me and shawty that could enter the top 10 on Billboard," 6ix9ine continued. "Name them, I can’t even name Spanish rappers. Y’all don’t let n***as eat. Y’all just mad ’cause I could enter a whole different demographic in the Spanish market. I dominated the English [market], now I’ma dominate the Spanish.”

6ix9ine is back outside after being jumped in a LA Fitness bathroom in Lake Worth, Fla. back in March. Last weekend, Tekashi performed at the Beach, Please Festival in Romania.

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