6ix9ine has something to get off his chest about his perceived treatment of Spanish rappers.

On Wednesday (May 3), 6ix9ine hopped on social media with a message about his noticeable switch from English to Spanish raps recently.

"I seen a lot of people saying, 'Yo, 6ix9ine went from English to Spanish,'" 6ix9ine says in the clip.  "This is one: I owe my record label a Spanish album that they paid me $3 million for in 2020...Let's talk about two. You know how many Spanish n***as is born and raised in Brooklyn, Manhattan, The Bronx, Queens, Staten Island—the whole New York City? What y’all trying to say? Spanish n***as can’t eat? So when you Spanish, you can only make reggaeton? You can only make Spanish music? It’s our culture too, n***a. F**k is you talking about?"

“Just think about it: name one Spanish rapper other than me and shawty that could enter the top 10 on Billboard," 6ix9ine continued. "Name them, I can’t even name Spanish rappers. Y’all don’t let n***as eat. Y’all just mad ’cause I could enter a whole different demographic in the Spanish market. I dominated the English [market], now I’ma dominate the Spanish.”

6ix9ine followed up in the comment section of a DJ Akademiks post about the video.

"If u a Spanish/Latin/Hispanic kid anywhere in America, just based off these comments just know you can’t make it in rap," the TattlesTales rapper wrote. "They won’t give you a chance, you got to take it. Bully your way. I’m from New York black and Hispanics grow up together same lingo same story why they can’t rap and make it too. We not forced to sing in Spanish because we Hispanic."

6ix9ine has released two Spanish singles since he was brutally assaulted in a LA Fitness bathroom in South Florida in March, "Bori" featuring Lenier and "Y Ahora" with Grupo Firme.

See 6ix9ine Giving His Opinion on Spanish Rappers' Treatment in Hip-Hop Below

6ix9ine comments on Spanish rappers.

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