6ix9ine is out here taking on Fear Factor challenges for Instagram likes.

On Thursday (May 18), Tekashi shared a video to his IG page that shows him eating a tarantula. In the video (below), the "Gummo" rapper appears to be on some sort of party bus in a Latin-American country. Apparently, the dish of the day was arachnids. 6ix9ine grabs one of the nightmare-inducing bugs and puts a large glob of what appears to be guacamole and another spice on it. After some hesitation, he takes a large bite to the delight of the people around him.

6ix9ine then turns and feeds the uneaten half to a friend who is standing next to him. Thankfully, they are both able to eat the insect without hurling and celebrate their accomplishment by yelling in excitement.

6ix9ine hilariously captioned the post, "I ATE DIRTY P***Y BEFORE THIS AINT NOTHING."

6ix9ine isn't the first rapper recently to video themselves eating an insect in foreign land. In April, Lil Uzi Vert a.k.a. Leslie recorded themselves eating a cockroach during a trip to Thailand for 2023 Rolling Loud Thailand.

Tekashi seems to be living his best life after being beaten up in a LA Fitness bathroom in Lake Worth, Fla. back in March. He has since created the L.A. Fitness Challenge mocking his pummeling and been spotted outside the country on multiple occasions. Last month, he performed in Romania at the Beach, Please Festival.

Watch 6ix9ine Eat a Tarantula Then Feed a Piece to His Friend Below

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