Azealia Banks questions why Kendrick Lamar went at Drake for using the N-word but said nothing to 6ix9ine.

Azealia Banks Continues to Blast Kendrick Lamar

Azealia Banks refuses to quit going in on K-Dot in connection to his beef with Drake. On Monday (May 20), she shared two posts on X, formerly known as Twitter, where she called into question Kendrick dissing Drizzy for using the N-word but sitting silent when Tekashi did the same thing.

"Sidebar tho.... deada**s.... where was Kendrick when there was a gay Mexican in a rainbow lacefront running around saying n***a??" Banks asked below. "Lmao. Do Kendrick know he doesn't have a 'oh you fancy huh,' nor a 'passionfruit,' or anything but small sneaker rage to give us LOL."

In a follow-up tweet she added, "What's reallllllllllllly behind the beef?? Who got a crush on who?"

On the song "Euphoria," Kendrick Lamar used Drake's mixed race as means to chastise Drizzy for using the N-word. "We don't want to hear you say n***a no more," K-Dot croons at the close of the track. Banks points out the fact that Latin rapper 6ix9ine frequently uses the N-word. Yet, Kendrick didn't have the same smoke for him.

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Azealia Banks Can't Stand Kendrick Lamar

Azealia Banks has been one of Kendrick Lamar's biggest celebrity detractors concerning the beef with Drake. Earlier this month, she went on a lengthy diatribe on Instagram where she slandered the Compton, Calif. rapper and his Drake diss song "Euphoria."

"Kendrick is still 4'9" and wears the same jean size as me. No one one earth cares about the feelings of small fake gangsta nepo babies," she wrote. "And the beat Kendrick is rapping over is dumb trash and the mix is muddy as hell. Quit the bulls**t. Drake Won. That's it."

She later doubled down and criticized Kendrick for calling Drake a pedophile on "Not Like Us."

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Check out Azealia Banks' posts continuing to go in on Kendrick Lamar below.

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