Ice Spice says she talks to Drake all the time and that the Toronto rapper coaches her on her career.

Ice Spice's Interview With Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1

On July 14, Ice Spice sat down for an in-depth interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1. During the 45-minute conversation, the Bronx, N.Y.-bred rising star goes in deep about experiences like working with both Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift, gearing up for a tour with Doja Cat and meeting North West. Ice Spice also talks about her mentors and Drake happens to be at the top of that list.

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Ice Spice Considers Drake to Be One of Her Mentors

As Ice Spice discusses her increasingly growing career in the music industry and beyond, Zane Lowe drives the conversation into the realm of mentorship. When asked who she's "adopted as a mentor" along the way, Ice Spice was quick to drop Drake's name. In fact, Ice says she chops it up with Drizzy on the regular and considers him to be a solid career coach.

"I'd say Drake," Ice Spice explains in the podcast below. "We talk all the time and we're always just laughing about some things that go on. And I'll ask him, 'What should I do with this? Or how'd you go about this? Or did you ever experience that?'"

The "Munch (Feelin' U)" spitter continues: "And he'll, I'm not going to give real examples, but he'll tell me, 'I did this and you should do that, too, because you can.' And I'll be like, 'You're right. Period. I'm going to do that.' It's like coach vibes."

Ice Spice Also Has Nicki Minaj on Her List of Mentors

Elsewhere in her recent interview with Zane Lowe, Ice Spice divulged the fact that she also loves taking advice from her "Princess Diana (Remix)" partner-in-rhyme, Nicki Minaj, and that she thinks of the Barbie Queen as nothing less than royalty.

"I feel like I am absorbing advice from her and learning from her and stuff," Ice Spice says of her admiration for Nicki Minaj. "And she'll tell me, 'Learn from my mistake, do this or don't do that,' or whatever. And I just really pay attention to what she's saying. Because if there's anyone I'm going to listen to it's the queen."

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Ice Spice and Drake Dispel the Rumors

Now that we know Drake is out here giving Ice Spice the big "coach vibes," it's once again abundantly clear that any rumors from the past regarding the two rhymers can be put to rest. After fans were under the impression that things were awkward between Drake and Ice Spice as the result of a viral video from last summer, the rumor mill continued to churn when Ice was believed to have been dissed by Drizzy on Her Loss' "BackOutsideBoyz."

Ice Spice said back in January that she actually spoke to Drake to successfully dispel those rumors and perhaps that's where their mentor-mentee relationship came to be what it is.

Watch Ice Spice Say She Talks to Drake All the Time and That He Coaches Her on Her Career in Zane Lowe's Apple Music 1 Interview Below

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