If you want to slide into Ice Spice's DMs, make sure your fit is on-point. Recently, Ice Spice DM'd a fan back and clowned him over not wearing Nike tech.

On Wednesday (May 17), a video surfaced of a teen who apparently slid into Ice Spice's DMs. Clearly trying to shoot his shot with the Bronx baddie, the fan wrote, "Hey Mamas."

While his come-on to the hottest rapper in the game was weak, the "In Ha Mood" creator must have surveyed the fan's appearance and wasn't impressed with what she saw. Spice wrote back to him, "small ass dreads and no Nike tech [three skull emojis]."

Ouch! The rejected guy showed his friend what Spice had written to him. His fried, in turn, filmed it and put it on social media for everyone to see how Spice cooked him in the DMs. When you have friends like these who needs enemies?

In any case, Ice Spice has said in the past that she prefers her men rocking Nike tech, which is the sneaker giant's popular hoodie and jogger combo apparel. The zippered pockets and comfort make clothing the go-to streetwear outfit for the active guy.

In an August 2022 interview on On the Radar podcast, Ice Spice revealed that she liked a guy in a Nike tech." Watch the video below.

Then while chatting with Twitch king Kai Cenat, Spice reiterated that she does, in fact, likes a dude rocking Nike tech. When Kai heard that, he jumped out of his chair and ran into his bedroom to switch up his outfit and wear some Nike gear.

Fellas, Ice Spice has a type. Don't get caught slippin' when you're trying to holla at her.

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