Drake expressed his disappointment when fans didn't throw their bras on stage during his performance at the It's All a Blur Tour over the weekend.

Drake Says He's Disappointed After No Fans Throw Bras on Stage

On July 15, a concertgoer caught a video of Drake performing at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Canada. After completing the first song in his set, Drake told the crowd that he wasn't too pleased about the lack of undergarments onstage, which can be seen below. According to the Canadian rapper, not being showered with bras made him feel like he was having a bad show.

"Don't start throwing shoes and phones and s**t," Drake stated before going to the next song in his set. "If you got a bra, though, just let me know that I still got it, 'cause I feel like I might be having a bad show or something. I didn't see no bras tonight."

Drake then thought of the perfect solution to get more bras tossed on the stage. The plan involved playing a few throwback hits to get the crowd hyped up. Without hesitation, Drake urged the DJ to get the jams started.

"Maybe if I play this next song, and I take you back in the day again to, like, 2016, maybe you'll throw me a bra. How about that?" Drake continued. "Let's go. Play it, play it, play it."

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Drake Gets Bras Thrown at Him During His Other Performances at the It's All a Blur Tour

Drake's disappointment is valid, considering that fans threw their bras at him during other stops on his It's All a Blur Tour. On July 5, for instance, Drake was full of excitement after a fan threw a large bra on stage during his performance at Chicago's United Center. Two days later, Drake accepted more undergarments with open arms during his set at The Little Caesars Arena in Detroit.

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Watch Drake express his disappointment when fans don't throw bras on stage at his show below.

Watch Drake Express His Disappointment When Fans Don't Throw Bras on Stage at His Show Below

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