Drake had an awkward yet hilarious moment with podcaster Bobbi Althoff this week after he thought she referenced one of his songs in their new interview.

Drake Thinks Podcaster Bobbi Althoff References One of His Songs in New Interview

On Friday (July 14), Bobbi Althoff posted a snippet on Instagram of an upcoming episode from her podcast, The Really Good Podcast. In the clip, which can be seen below, Bobbi Althoff and Drake are lounging around in bed. Before ending the interview, the interviewer asked the 36-year-old rapper if he had any questions for her. After Bobbi Althoff and Drake agree that they don't have any inquiries for each other, the Canadian rhymer said that Althoff should head home to be, in his words, mother of the year.

From there, the self-proclaimed social media star asked Drizzy if he could buy her a flight home. Once Drake said he could purchase her plane ticket, Bobbi Althoff questioned if the flight could be nonstop. After hearing the word "nonstop" at the end of Althoff's sentence, Drake had a quirky yet humorous response. In that moment, the rapper believed that Althoff was referencing his 2018 song, "Nonstop."

"No. What song?" Bobbi Althoff said in the clip below. "The Drake song, 'Nonstop,'" Drake responded.

Shortly after, the TikTok phenomenon poked fun at the rapper and asked him if he always correlated his singles to certain words.

"I just thought that you were ending the interview on a note where you were like like, 'Haha, I do know your songs.' You were just asking for a flight," he replied. Bobbi Althoff then admitted that she doesn't know any of Drake's songs.

"Alright," Drake responded disappointedly. "I got excited."

Although she didn't give an exact date on when the interview will debut, the podcaster did say that it'll drop soon.

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Rappers That Bobbi Althoff Has Interviewed on The Really Good Podcast

Drake isn't the only rapper that Bobbi Althoff has interviewed recently. On Monday (July 10), the podcaster sat down with Armani White, which can be seen below. During their one-on-one discussion, Armani White and Bobbi Althoff spoke about their favorite movies, his viral hit "Billie Eilish" and more.

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Watch Drake have an awkward yet hilarious moment with podcaster Bobbi Althoff after he thinks she references one of his songs in their interview below.

Watch Drake Have an Awkward Yet Hilarious Moment With Podcaster Bobbi Althoff After He Thinks She References One of His Songs in Their Interview Below

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