Blueface told Chrisean Rock he was sent by God to be with her during a heated argument on the latest episode of their Crazy in Love reality show.

New Episode of Crazy in Love

On Sunday (Aug. 13), the fifth episode of season two of Blueface and Chrisean Rock's wild reality show Crazy in Love aired on the Zeus Network. During the show, the couple got into a heated argument where the "Thotiana" rapper told Chrisean he was sent by the Creator to be with her.

"You could not eat by yourself [before me]. Now you can," Blueface tells Chrisean in the video clip below.

"You trying to take God's credit. It could have been the next muthaf**ka," Chrisean responds.

"B***h, you trying to give God my credit and I'm not going for it. I'm taking God credit? No, b***h, God sent me for you," Blueface snaps.

"You trying to say I didn't have no divine to my life," Chrisean replies.

"You didn't," Blueface shoots back. "You had a backpack and a pair of f**king cleats."

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Blueface and Chrisean Rock Are Crazy in Love

The second season of Blueface and Chrisean Rock's aptly titled Crazy in Love reality show airs as Chrisean is well into her pregnancy, which has caused its own issues in the volatile couple's strenuous relationship. The first season of the show premiered last December and featured wild moments like Blueface fighting Chrisean's dad and her hitting the rapper over the head with a glass cup.

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See Blueface claim he is a godsend to Chrisean Rock below.

Watch the Snippet From the New Episode of Crazy in Love 

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