Blueface is accusing Chrisean Rock of trying to set his house on fire.

On Tuesday (May 9), Blueface hit up his infamous Instagram Story to chronicle what he discovered upon arriving home where his pregnant on-again-off-again significant other, Chrisean Rock, also resides. In the video posted below, the "Thotiana" rapper says Chrisean had just finished an attempt to set his home ablaze.

"What is wrong with you?" Blueface says as he enters the home while a smoke alarm blares in the background. "This is what you gon' do with a newborn baby on the way—set the house on fire?"

As Blueface calmly walks through his abode with the smoke alarm still sounding off, he finds Chrisean Rock casually strolling among some wreckage including broken glass and various household items strewn about.

The California spitter continued as he picked up a shattered plaque commemorating "Shotta Flow (Remix)," Blueface's platinum hit with NLE Choppa. "This must be your first time trying to set some... on fire, huh? You supposed to put it in the bathtub so you don't burn up in the fire."

He added: "I don't think you inhaling all this smoke and ash is good for your child. Gots to be smarter than that."

Blueface then refers to Chrisean as a child herself by explaining that if "you leave a child too long by herself," it results in doors being broken and things around the house being charred up. While describing the smell of fire and smoke within the home, the rapper-reality TV personality explains that Rock even attempted to disable the smoke alarm prior to allegedly setting the fire. He says child protective services might have some thoughts about what transpired.

Before signing off of this particular chapter in the ongoing saga with the soon-to-be mother of his child, Face detailed another way in which Chrisean Rock allegedly attempted to shut down the home's smoke detectors.

Blueface's accusations toward Chrisean Rock regarding the alleged fire comes less than 24 hours after the expecting mother provided her followers with a detailed update on how her pregnancy has been going now that she's 20 weeks into her journey.

After explaining that it's been a harrowing journey thus far and that she's overwhelmed with feelings of despair due to Blueface's desire to end their relationship, the "Daddy" spitter responded to her lengthy Instagram post by calling the whole thing a "sob story."

Watch Blueface accuse Chrisean Rock of trying to set his house on fire here.

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