Blueface gave his son a thoughtful birthday gift this week.

On Friday (April 28), Blueface hopped on his Instagram Story and posted several videos of his son, Javaughn Porter, celebrating his sixth birthday. In one clip, the California rapper gifted his son $1,000 in cash—10 stacks of 100 $1 bills to be precise—much to his surprise.

"Is this all mine?" his son asked him as he looked at the stacks of cash that was sitting on his lap. The "Respect My Cryppin'" rapper responded, "Yep."

"This is a lot, oh shoot," Javaughn added, before he asked his father if he will have presents at home.

Blue then asked his son, "What are you going to spend your money on?"

"I don't know," Javaughn replied, to which Blueface questioned, "Big booty stitches?"

The birthday boy seemed shocked by his dad's query but looked down at the wads of cash and asked him how much it was.

"A thousand dollars," Blueface responded.

In another clip, Javaughn stuffed the wads of cash in his Spider-Man backpack, which made Blueface jokingly tell his son, "That's a big bag," referring to the colloquialism "The bag." "Yeah," his son said with a chuckle.

In another video, Blueface's son is excited to see that he got a PS5 game console for his birthday.

"Who bought that PS5?" asked Javaughn.

"You know who bought that PS5," Blue responded.

"You did?" Javaughn retorted, to which Blueface replied, "On God."

Salute to Blueface for giving his son some cash and the best birthday party a boy could ever want. On God.

Watch Blueface Gift His Son Wads of Cash for His Sixth Birthday Below

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