Blueface has some very strong opinions on what it means to have an active OnlyFans account and in expressing his sentiments, the Los Angeles rapper-reality TV star says "The truth hurts."

On Wednesday (April 12), Blueface hit up Twitter to let his 770,000-plus followers know exactly how he feels about content creators on one of the internet's most popular subscription-based services, OnlyFans. The "Thotiana" spitter is of the opinion that those who make money by showing their bodies and sexual activity to OnlyFans subscribers are one thing and one thing only—prostitutes.

In a series of tweets posted below, Blueface thoroughly explained his thoughts in a way that many social media users may find controversial.

"Idk who needs to hear this but p***y is free 😂," Blueface began his Twitter tirade. "An If it ain’t free that’s called prostitution. If your having sex on onlyfans you are a prostitute. If you just playing with yourself your doing p*rn any money for sex transaction is prostitution."

As the future father of Chrisean Rock's child wrapped up his OnlyFans rant, he added: "The truth could never be a diss. The truth hurts. Half y’all is prostitutes an ain’t even know it 😂. Only women can be prostitutes that’s a hell of a double standard right there ain’t it 😂."

While it's unclear as to exactly what prompted the Blueface & Chrisean: Crazy in Love reality TV star to take such a strong stance on OnlyFans content creators and prostitution, some may be surprised to find that Blueface likely isn't intentionally talking down on the profession. In fact, Blueface has an active OnlyFans account of his own to which users can subscribe for $25 per month.

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