Blueface is seemingly defending Chrisean Rock after she was allegedly caught on camera smoking while pregnant.

On Wednesday (March 29), Blueface shared two messages on Twitter that appear to address Chrisean allegedly being captured on camera smoking despite being preggers with the couple's child. The "Thotiana" rapper appears to be unfazed.

"Lots of women smoke weed until their last trimester there is no effect don’t shoot the messenger," the rapper-turned-reality show participant unscientifically tweeted.

In a follow-up post he added, "I’m only tweeting the truth weather its In her favor or not I’m not bias."

Blue's tweets come on the heels of video surfacing that shows Chrisean sitting in a car appearing to smoke, which raised eyebrows considering she announced she is pregnant back in January.

Blueface and Chrisean Rock's rollercoaster relationship has only gotten more wild since she announced her pregnancy. Blue has questioned the paternity of the child on multiple occasions and even suggested Chrisean should get an abortion. Earlier this month, he finally appeared to concede he is the father.

"There’s an eight out of 10 chance it’s mine, I ain’t gonna lie. Them odds is pretty high," Blueface said on Instagram Live. "So people on here that’s like, 'I thought you said it wasn’t your baby.’ B*tch, I ain’t stupid. I been f**king a b*tch. There’s a 20 percent chance it’s not my baby, but there’s an 80 percent chance it is, on God. You hear me? Y’all be more realistic on this muthaf**ka.”

It is unclear how far along Chrisean is in her pregnancy.

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