Chrisean Rock has been sentenced to 30 days in jail and is awaiting extradition to Oklahoma where she has a warrant.

Chrisean Rock to Serve Jail Time

After being arrested at a court hearing for Blueface in California last Monday (June 10), Chrisean Rock has learned her immediate fate. According to police records obtained by XXL on Monday (June 17), Chrisean had a court hearing on June 14, where she was sentenced to 30 days in jail and 12 months of probation. According to TMZ, the charges stem from Chrisean allegedly assaulting a backup dancer at Tamar Braxton’s Love and War 10th Anniversary show performance in Los Angeles in November of 2023.

As part of her probation, Chrisean is reportedly barred from going within 100 yards of the alleged victim and the Lucky Strike bowling alley in downtown Los Angeles where the attack supposedly took place. She is also not allowed to possess any weapons.

The backup dancer, James Wright, sued Chrisean in February.

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Chrisean Rock Faces Extradition to Oklahoma

Chrisean has more legal issues on her hands. She is facing extradition to Oklahoma for an open warrant in connection to reported drug charges she caught in the Sooner state in 2022. The rapper-reality show participant addressed legal situation on Instagram Live in March, saying she is not going to turn herself in.

"I been paying off fees and getting rid of s**t, talking to certian people to help my situation out," she said in a social media video. "I have my son. The old me would have just turned myself in and dealt with it the inside through the outside of the jail. Whatever...Right now, I gotta play it cautious ’cause I don't plan on being in jail while my son is growing."

XXL has reached out to the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office for comment.

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