During Instagram Live, Blueface told his ex-girlfriend Jaidyn Alexis that he wanted her to watch his baby with Chrisean Rock if the child gets taken away from Chrisean.

Blueface Wants His Ex-Girlfriend to Watch the Baby If Chrisean Rock Is Unable To

On Saturday (June 3), The Shade Room posted a video of Blueface and his ex-girlfriend Jaidyn Alexis on Instagram Live talking about co-parenting Chrisean Rock's baby. In the clip, Blueface told his ex that he wanted her to watch his baby in case the infant gets taken away from Chrisean.

"You think I'm going to watch y'alls child?" Jaidyn asked before bursting into laughter. "You think I'm going to watch y'alls child?" she asked again.

"I think if she [Chrisean] f**ks up and they say you're not physically fit to watch the child, it's either adoption or I take the child, I'mma give it to you," Blueface explained.

"Why would you ever give it to me?" Jaidyn asked, to which Blue responded, "Because it's a free child that you didn't have to push out and f**k up your body for."

Jaidyn then asked Blue why would she ever want to have an extra child. To which the "Thotiana" rapper responded that he wanted 10 kids in his household.

When Blueface asked Jaidyn do you want to have 10 kids, she responded, " No, I'm not, I'm done."

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Blueface Drops New Music Video Featuring Pregnant Women

Blueface's toxic conversation with his ex-girlfriend comes after he dropped a music video for "BBD." In the visual, the California rhymer is spitting slick words while surrounded by women who are visibly pregnant.

According to his Instagram page, Blueface paid the women $1,500 each in hundred-dollar bills for their performance in the video.

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