Blueface wants everyone to know he has money to burn, literally.

On Thursday (May 11), the "Thotiana" rapper shared a video on his Instagram Story that shows him taking stunting for the 'gram to new heights. In the clip (below), Blueface is sitting in a car listening to his new song "Hello," which dropped on April 21. He set flame to the charred remains of a $50 bill and lights a sizable blunt with it. He then shows off a huge stack of money laying in his lap and bops to the track playing.

Blueface might have to use some of that money to help repair the damage done when his future child's mother Chrisean Rock set aflame various items in his home in what Blueface called an attempt to set his house on fire. The Cali rhymer recently shared video of the aftermath of the incident where he scolds Chrisean for her attempted arson.

"What is wrong with you?" Blueface says as he enters the home while a smoke alarm blares in the background. "This is what you gon' do with a newborn baby on the way—set the house on fire? This b***h is dumb."

"Look how dumb the b***h is," Blueface continues as he picks up a shattered plaque commemorating "Shotta Flow (Remix)." "This must be your first time trying to set some s**t on fire, huh? You supposed to put it in the bathtub so you don't burn up in the fire. How stupid can a b***h be?"

Chrisean Rock recently gave an update to her fans about her pregnancy on social media, which only led to a Twitter spat with Blueface.

See Video of Blueface Lighting a Blunt With a $50 Bill Below

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