GloRilla brought out Chrisean Rock during her performance at the Roots Picnic. And despite having a baby bump, Chrisean was able to entertain the crowd with a short twerking session.

GloRilla Brings Out Chrisean Rock During Performance

On Saturday (June 3), GloRilla rocked the crowd at the 2023 Roots Picnic in Philadelphia. During her performance, the Memphis rapper delivered a rollicking rendition of her song "Tomorrow 2." Despite not having Cardi B rap her verse, Glo brought out her good friend Chrisean Rock, much to the crowd's surprise.

Chrisean, who is visibly pregnant, ran out and danced a little bit with Big Glo. Then the reality-TV star turned around and started twerking for the crowd. Glo's background dancers gathered around Chrisean and gave her booty some light taps as well.

Later that night, Chrisean jumped on her Instagram page and shared a video montage of her fun at the Roots Picnic in the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection. In one segment, Chrisean allowed GloRilla to palm her booty while fans took pictures of the two outside the venue. "Sister hood is everything [crossed fingers emoji]," she wrote in the caption.

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Chrisean Rock's Pregnancy

Ever since announcing her pregnancy in January, Chrisean has been chronicling her pregnancy journey for her followers on social media.

In May, Chrisean shared a video on her IG of a prenatal visit to check on their unborn baby. In the clip, Chrisean is laying back in a hospital bed with her legs propped up. A physician is performing an ultrasound, which shows Blue and Chrisean's baby on the monitor. In a lengthy message, Chrisean revealed that she was 20-weeks pregnant. Peep the video below.

It's good to see Chrisean Rock living her best life while pregnant.

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Watch GloRilla's Roots Picnic Performance and Chrisean Rock's IG Post Below

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