Cardi B feels the need to explain some lyrics to her "Tomorrow 2" verse after getting push-back from fans about a particular line.

On Thursday (Dec. 29), Cardi B shared a video on social media where she broke down the deeper meaning behind one of the standout lines from her collab with GloRilla.

"I been seeing a lot of tweets going viral talking bout, when Cardi say ['I'm fighting for my bitches and I'm fighting over dick, too'] they not feeling her like that," Cardi B prefaced her statement (below). "But this is my thing. If a bitch go through your purse and she steal some of your money, you not gonna fight that bitch? Yeah, bitch. You gon' fight for your money, right? So, if a nigga is providing for you, giving you money, paying your bills, doing all that shit. And a bitch go take him from you, you not gonna fight over that dick?"

"’Cause that's your money," Cardi B continued. "’Cause that nigga's your money. You not gonna fight for that? Bitch, ’cause I'm fighting with teeth. I'm biting you, bitch, over my nigga. Yes, I am. Fighting you over that dick. Now, if it's a broke nigga, bitch, I can't help you. You deserve charges. You deserve a whole restraining order."

In a follow-up post she added, "Y’all talkin bout y’all won’t fight over dick but y’all be fighting over celebs online all the time ….somebody lying."

Cardi B has been known to get rowdy over her husband Offset. Last month, beef between Cardi B and comedian Nicole Arbour erupted on social media after Arbour called Offset out for violent lyrics in the wake of Takeoff's death. Earlier this year, Bardi reignited her beef with Cuban Doll over Offset cheating allegations. In September, she pleaded guilty to assault and reckless endangerment charges in connection to the 2018 attack of two women in a club who had reportedly been in a tryst with Offset.

Check Out Cardi B's Full Statement Below

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