Cardi B is flaming formerly accused child murdered Casey Anthony on social media.

On Monday afternoon (Dec. 5), Cardi B lashed out on Twitter in a brief rant aimed at the recently resurfaced Casey Anthony, who was acquitted of murdering her 2-year-old daughter Caylee in 2008 in a polarizing case that made national news.

"I don’t give a deum how they flip it ,switch it,turn it ,toss it Casey Anthony is a disgrace of a mother and she shouldn’t have a uterus," Cardi B snapped on Twitter. "I don’t feel bad for her or for the daddy YALL KNOW WHAT HAPPENED to that baby!!!!"

Cardi B is presumably reacting to the new docuseries Casey Anthony: Where the Truth Lies, which debuted on Peacock on Nov. 29. The series centers around the controversial case, which was viral in 2008.

Anthony's daughter Caylee went missing in June of 2008. However, the disappearance wasn't reported until a full month after it happened. Casey gave conflicting statements about the disappearance of Caylee and was indicted for her murder following an investigation that October. Caylee's body was discovered in a wooded area that December. In July 2011, Casey was infamously acquitted of murdering Caylee but found guilty of lying to investigations and served some prison time.

In the new docu-series, Casey alleges her father was responsible for Caylee's death among other explosive claims. Nancy Grace, who rose to fame commenting on the case back in 2008, has blasted the docu-series, saying it changes nothing.

See the Trailer for Peacock's New Casey Anthony: Where the Truth Lies Doc-Series Below

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