Drake said on a new episode of The Really Good Podcast that podcaster Bobbi Althoff had horrible parenting after she admitted to skipping her daughter's birthday to interview him.

Drake Says Podcaster Bobbi Althoff Has Horrible Parenting After Her Confession

On Thursday (July 20), Bobbi Althoff posted an interview she did with Drake on her podcast, The Really Good Podcast, via YouTube. In the video, which can be seen below, Bobbi Althoff admitted at the 49:57-mark that she skipped her daughter's birthday to interview the Canadian rapper. Bobbi Althoff's secret was revealed after she thought Drake was ending their interview.

"I flew all the way here on my daughter's first birthday," Bobbi Althoff stated in the video.

Drake responded: "You missed your daughter's first birthday to be here? Dark."

After Drizzy told Bobbi Althoff that she would feel guilty for missing her daughter's first birthday, he judged her parenting skills.

"A regret that you'll never be able to undo," Drake continued. "Horrible parenting."

From there, Bobbi Althoff asked Drake where his son was.

"Somewhere safe, and it's not his birthday," Drake clapped back.

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Drake and Bobbi Althoff's Other Awkward Moments During Interview

During their interview, Drake and Bobbi Althoff also experienced some other quirky moments. At the 29:36-mark, Drake played Tyga's "Rack City" after the host claimed she didn't know who Tyga was. Drake also responded humorously at the 54:02-mark to Bobbi Althoff after he thought she referenced one of his songs. Once Drake said he would purchase Bobbi's plane ticket home, she questioned if the flight could be nonstop. The word "nonstop" provoked Drake to speak about his 2018 song, "Nonstop."

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Watch Drake say podcaster Bobbi Althoff has horrible parenting after she admits to skipping her daughter's first birthday for their interview below.

Watch Drake Say Podcaster Bobbi Althoff Has Horrible Parenting After She Admits to Skipping Her Daughter's First Birthday for Their Interview Below

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