Travis Scott brought out Kanye West during his Circus Maximus concert.

Travis Scott Brings Out Kanye West at Circus Maximus Performance

On Monday (Aug. 7), Travis Scott performed at an ancient Roman chariot-racing stadium called Circus Maximus in Rome, Italy. The 32-year-old rapper was delivering some singles from his new Utopia album when suddenly he told his live DJ Chase B to cut the music off. Little did fans know, they were in for a surprise. In the clip below, Travis Scott speaks to Chase B about how far he's gotten into his career before praising Kanye West for sticking by him through thick and thin.

"It's been a long journey before we can get here, Chase B," Travis Scott tells the DJ in the video clip. "And I can only say that it's been only been one human being on this muthaf**kin' planet that has ever walked side by side with me through anything and every muthaf**kin' thing."

After Travis Scott calls out his DJ's name, Chase B introduces Ye's arrival by playing the Donda rhymer's 2021 single, "Praise God," featuring Travis Scott and Baby Keem. As the crowd gets hyped and recites some of the song's lyrics, Kanye West joins Travis Scott on stage for an unforgettable performance.

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Travis Scott Says Without Kanye West His New Album, Utopia Wouldn't Exist

After the rappers delivered "Praise God," La Flame declared that his album Utopia would be nonexistent if it weren't for Ye. Travis Scott also alluded that the Chicago-based rapper has a huge role in his life.

"There is no Utopia without Kanye West," Travis Scott stated on stage in the clip below. "There is no Travis Scott without Kanye West."

Although the concert on Aug. 7 at Circus Maximus sold out pretty quickly, fans were given the option to livestream it via Travis Scott's website for $15. The show began at 3 p.m. EST.

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See a video of Kanye West performing with Travis Scott at Circus Maximus below.

Watch Travis Scott and Ye Performing at Circus Maximus

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