Rick Ross stated this week on social media that his stunt double was paid $300 to jump off a Miami bridge in a music video for his 2007 single, "Speedin" featuring R.Kelly.

Rick Ross Reveals How Much He Paid His Stunt Double for "Speedin'" Music Video

On Wednesday (July 5), Rozay went on Instagram while visiting the location where the notable scene was filmed. In the clip below, the "Ashton Martin Music" rapper revealed that his stunt double for the "Speedin'" music video was compensated $300.

"Right behind me is the world-famous [bridge] that it look like Rozay jumped off in that DJ Khaled video," Rick Ross gleefully stated.

Afterward, Ross unveils that his stunt double did the jump for him for $300.

"But just for the record, the homie that jumped off for me, he a real G," Rick Ross added. "He did it for $300. You feel me?"

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What Happened in the First Scene of the "Speedin'" Music Video?

In the first scene of the "Speedin''" music video, Rick Ross and DJ Khaled are stopped by the police, which can be seen below.

After the cops ask Rozay for his license and registration, he questions why he's been pulled over. Once the cops reveal that it's for driving too fast, DJ Khaled reminds them that he and Ross are the best. However, that doesn't stop law enforcement from asking for the musicians' credentials.

In an attempt to flee from the scene, Ross' stunt double gets out of the car, acts like he's complying and jumps off the bridge. At the end of the video, the officer is handed a watch and tells Rick Ross and DJ Khaled to have a nice day as they leave them in the dust.

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Watch Rick Ross reveal that his stunt double was paid $300 to jump off a bridge in his music video for "Speedin'" below.

Watch Rick Ross Reveal That His Stunt Double Was Paid $300 to Jump Off a Bridge in His Music Video for "Speedin'" Below

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