Rick Ross' jet crashed today, yet he's in surprisingly good spirits about the incident. The rapper is blaming the accident on his current foe, Drake.

Rick Ross Tells Hilarious Story of Drake Shooting Down Jet

On Friday (May 3), photos began circulating on social media that showed Rick Ross' Gulfstream G550 jet tilted to the side in some grass. The aircraft's left gold wing touches the ground while the wheels are dug into the dirt. Apparently, the wreck occurred in Dallas.

The Miami rapper confirmed that his jet went down in a tweet on X, formerly known as Twitter. "My jet just crashed ; Drake OvO F16 fighter jet just shot us down 🔥🔥#rickrosscarshow june1st
#Champagnemoments," he tweeted.

Ross, who dropped the diss track "Champagne Moments" aimed at Drake last month, continued to expand on the tale in his Instagram Story. The Biggest Bawse reenacts the hilariously fictitious moment that his enemy shot down the jet and all he saw was Drake's nose. Rozay has been attacking Drizzy's physical features in their beef, and has even gone so far as to say The Boy got a nose job.

"So, thank ya everybody for all the prayers, but I'ma tell you, we on the jet and I'm seein' da fighter jet [imitates flying noise]," Ross shares. "I see his nose. It's like Tom Cruise from Top Gun. I seen his nose. I'm seeing him in the cockpit. And I'm like, Damn, I'm seeing his cheeks and nose going back from the G force. I'm like, Damn. And then, aye, man, it happened, na'm sayin'. I can't say what happened, but it happened."

He also throws in some shots by calling Drake "White boy" and "BBL Drizzy," two nicknames Ross has been using to get under the Toronto rapper's skin.

Drake and Ross' beef began shortly after Drake's "Push Ups" diss leaked in April. He mentioned Rozay on the track since Ross had apparently unfollowed Drake on Instagram a few weeks prior when Kendrick Lamar's "Like That" verse blew up. The internet caught wind of Ross' IG move, but didn't know why. The Maybach Music Group boss fired back with the "Champagne Moments" diss track, on which he claimed Drake got a nose job and sent a cease-and-desist to French Montana (the reason why Ross says he unfollowed Drake), among other insults. Their war of words has carried over into IG taunts, in which they both seem to be beating their chests to see who has more money than the other—private jets included.

Take a look at photos of Rick Ross' jet crash and him hilariously blaming it on Drake below.

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