Rick Ross has addressed the viral video of his failed diving board attempt at his pool party.

Rick Ross Explains His Failed Pool Diving Attempt

On Monday (July 3), Rick Ross jumped on his Instagram Story and posted a visual addressing the viral video of his failed diving board attempt at his pool party. In the clip, the Maybach Music Group boss is attempting a diving board trick when his knees give out and he plunges into the water instead. Many fans felt that Ross may have injured himself during his failed dive. However, Rozay is OK aside from a bruised ego.

"Well, I'm gon' be honest, Am I OK? Of course not. I blew my tire," Rozay explained in the video below. "I gave everyone my word I would do the Double Decker Slapper. I said that on my [Instagram] Story earlier this week."

"The Double Decker Slapper. What is that? Who knows? I never heard of it. I made it up on the diving board," he continued.

As for his clumsy fall into the pool. "I did a double bounce and boy my knee caught a flat. Bow!" he said.

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Rick Ross Had a Wild Pool Party

Rick Ross held his annual pool party on July 2 at his Georgia mansion dubbed "The Promise Land." And why not? Ross has the biggest residential swimming pool in the nation.

But something else happened at Ross' fun-filled pool party—a man parachuted onto his property. The Miami bawse shared a video of the moment when the guy parasailed over his mansion. Don't worry, the man landed safely on the ground. Watch below.

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See video of Rick Ross' failed diving board attempt below.

Watch Rick Ross' Failed Attempt of the Double Decker Slapper Below

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