YoungBoy Never Broke Again recently showed his love for nail polish with a new tattoo.

YoungBoy Never Broke Again Shows Off Nail Polish Tattoo

On Sunday (July 30), YoungBoy Never Broke Again showcased some fresh ink in a new music video for his song "Parasites" featuring ILoveMakonnen. At the 1:27-mark of the video below, YB can be seen with a tattoo of a medium-sized pink nail polish bottle on his left arm. NBA YoungBoy's new set of body art is an addition to three other tattoos he showed off on his Instagram page on July 23.

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What Other Tattoos Did YoungBoy Never Broke Again Recently Get?

On July 23, NBA YoungBoy shared a post on Instagram that contained images of his three new tattoos, which can be seen below. YB got a coffin with a spider web and an upside-down cross tattooed on his forehead. The rapper also had a skull and crossbones tatted behind his ear and the word "Restricted" placed on his cheek.

YoungBoy Never Broke Again Addresses Criticism About Painting His Nails

In November of 2022, NBA YoungBoy addressed people who were insulting him for wearing nail polish in a since-deleted video on his Instagram Story.

"Y'all be playing with the slime, huh?" NBA YoungBoy stated in the archived video.

NBA YoungBoy continued the video by clapping back at people who were talking badly about him for rocking some polish on his nails.

"See, all y'all used to love me," he stated. "Now, nobody love me. But I think y'all forgot, I ain't never not got no b***hes anyway."

The rapper added: "So, what the problem is? N***as wanna talk about my nails. I done  f**ked them up now. Everybody wanna play with the slime, but it's all good. You know I'm a big troll. As long as I ain't no dead troll, n***a. You can talk about my nails all you want. B***h, I know somebody that wish they could paint they nails right now."

Other rappers like Drake have also gotten insulted for painting their fingernails.

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Take a look at NBA Youngboy's new tattoo below.

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