Lil Durk posted a Valentine's Day message to India Royale today, but the Chicago rapper's ex-fiancée doesn't seem to be feeling the sentiment.

On Tuesday (Feb. 14), Lil Durk hit up his Instagram Story with a seemingly heartwarming post dedicated to India Royale, the woman he was once set to marry. In the since-deleted Instagram Story featured below, Lil Durk shared a photo of India Royale accompanied by a few simple yet poignant words of gratitude.

"Happy Valentine's Day to the woman that made me a man," Lil Durk wrote to his ex. "I love, you, [India Royale]."

As if Durkio needed to further drive home his point, the he also accompanied the Valentine's Day post with a clip of Future's 2014 song, "I Won," a commonly used love-themed anthem.

"I just wanna take you out and show you off," Future can be heard rapping in Lil Durk's IG Story. "You already know that you the perfect one/Girl when I'm with you, feel like a champion/Ever since I got with you I feel like I done won me a trophy."

While a social media post of that nature would typically be welcomed, especially on Valentine's Day, India doesn't appear to be taking kindly to Lil Durk's loving message. She hit up Twitter on Tuesday with a social media post of her own that many people perceive as a slight toward Durk and his "Happy Valentine's Day" Instagram Story.

"People really do not respect boundaries at all," tweeted India. "I try my best to be respectful and not put on a show but people don't respect my choices."

Within a matter of minutes, India Royale returned with another tweet, which added to speculation that her previous post was directed at Lil Durk.

She added: "Let it go."

A short time after India Royale's apparent distaste for Durk's otherwise heartwarming message, the 7220 rhymer took the time to post another since-deleted Instagram story in an attempt to explain his actions.

"I post ’cause I wanted to," Lil Durk wrote. "The internet don't run Durk. Try the troll with another MFr. Leave certain people alone."

Lil Durk's Valentine's Day message and India Roayle's subsequent tweets come five months after rumors of a breakup between the former couple began to surface last year. Within just about 24 hours after the internet ran rampant with speculation, Lil Durk broke his silence on the matter on Instagram in a not-so-subtle way.

"That [cat emoji] mines 4ever welcome to death row b*%ch," wrote Lil Durk in September of 2022.

Immediately following Durkio's pointed declaration, India seemingly refuted the claim by posting a simple cap emoji to her Instagram Story.

Take a look at fan reactions to Durk's Valentine's message to India, his own message and India's response.

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