50 Cent is collaborating with Nas for the first time in over 20 years on Nas' new album, Magic 2. The G-Unit leader opens up about the new collab in an exclusive interview with XXL.

50 Cent Tells XXL About His Collaboration With Nas on Nas' New Project Magic 2

On Tuesday (July 18), 50 Cent told XXL in a interview that he collaborated with Nas on his upcoming project, Magic 2. 50 Cent also spoke about their previous music together, how he caught Nas' attention with "How to Rob" and what makes Nas' musical direction stand out from other rappers.

"Nas got a CD coming out, Magic 2, that I'm featured on," 50 Cent says in the interview. "I got a joint with him called 'Office Hours' we did together. We ain't worked together since Power of a Dollar. It was cool to get in with him and do something like that. It's interesting that the relationship is different because we in two different places now."

The song is reportedly called "Office Hours."

Later in the interview, 50 Cent talked about how his 1999 song "How to Rob" first got Nas' attention. 50 Cent also spoke about how Nas let him come on tour with him back in the day when he didn't have to. The business mogul explained what was different about Nas back then.

"Nas, when I first interacted with him, he was like, ‘Yo, who’s that?’” 50 Cent explained. “’Cause the ‘How to Rob’ record got his attention. He’s like, ‘Yo, that’s like when I first came out. That energy is like raw.’ And he just wanted to see who I was. Just wanted me to be around and s**t like that. Then, he let me come on tour with him and he didn’t have to do that.”

50 Cent Tells XXL How Nas Was Smarter Than the Music He Was Releasing

50 Cent also explains how Nas was more musically advanced. He applauded Nas' love for learning, too.

"He was ahead of us," 50 Cent continues in the interview. "What he had, and I was looking at it going, 'You gotta be careful' because he was smarter than the music he was releasing. He was smarter than things he was saying on the records because what he said on the records matched how things felt in the environment not who he was actually [in his head]. We'd be on the tour bus, and he'd be reading books and stuff."

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50 Cent Confirms Collaboration With Nas on Magic 2

50 Cent went on Instagram on Tuesday to share the news about the Nas song. The South Jamaica, N.Y. native posted a picture of Nas' artwork for Magic 2. In the caption section of the post, which can be seen below, 50 Cent addressed his hiatus in the hip-hop scene and credited Nas for pushing him back into the booth. 50 Cent then told his bevy of followers to check out Nas' upcoming project. According to the post, 50 Cent and Nas will be heard rapping together on "Office Hours."

"Yal ain't herd me in a minute," 50 Cent wrote. "@nas felt like it was time, so it's done. Check us out Friday 7.21 MAGIC 2 (Office Hours) QGTM [bomb emoji] Boom [smoke emoji] #bransoncognac #lecheminduroi."

Nas' new project, Magic 2, will debut on all streaming platforms on Friday (July 21).

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See 50 Cent announce his collab with Nas for the first time in over 20 years below.

See 50 Cent Announce His Collab With Nas for the First Time in Over 20 Years on Nas' New Album Magic 2 Below

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