UPDATE (Nov. 14):

21 Savage is reacting to backlash he received for saying Nas isn't relevant in today's rap scene.

"I would never disrespect nas or any legend who paved the way for me y’all be tryna take stuff and run with it," he tweeted.


21 Savage says that Nas isn't really relevant, he just has a loyal fan base.

On Sunday (Nov. 13), 21 Savage was involved in a controversial conversation regarding Nas' career status on Clubhouse, a social media app commonly known as a platform on which many similar debates go down. In a room titled "Is Nas the Greatest Rapper or What?" 21 didn't mince words when he said the Queens icon isn't relevant in the current state of hip-hop but that the loyal fan base Nas has created for himself in the past 30 years is what has been carrying him through the rap game's landscape.

"What y'all saying, relevant though?" said 21 Savage. "I don't feel like he's relevant. I just feel like he got fans."

At that point, the Clubhouse room erupted with chatter as users began to throw out names of hip-hop legends left and right before 21 chimed in to double down on his statement. However, at the same time, 21 gave Nas some flowers regarding the quality of his music immediately following the release of the legend's new album with Hit-Boy, King's Disease III.

"He's not relevant," continued the Her Loss rapper. "He just has a loyal ass fan base. He just has a loyal fan base and he still make good-ass music."

21 Savage's remarks about Nas have been met with some significant backlash across social media. Many hip-hop fans are perplexed as to why the Atlanta-bred spitter feels that way, with some even implying that Drake's most recent collaborator may be feeling himself a little too much at the moment.

"Well, I just listened to a Clubhouse and some dude was saying Nas isn't relevant," tweeted one Nas fan, who goes by CKing864. "I think 21 Savage was saying it. It's pathetic to me that 21 Savage thinks he's more of a cultural impact than Nas."

Another Twitter user wrote: "21 Savage was on Clubhouse talking about how Nas is not relevant. I swear this album he did with Drake is going straight to his crooked ass nose."

"Has the nerve to call Nas irrelevant when all this man does is hop on a track and say '21' throughout the entire song," replied another.

"21 Savage said Nas is irrelevant," wrote another social media user as the internet began to pile on with a narrative that 21's album with Drake, Her Loss, has earned the Atlanta spitter a certain amount of new clout. "Nas, at 49 years old just released four better quality albums than his whole discography. But it's even funnier when 21 Savage is being relevant exclusively thanks to Drake in the last year."

"Clubhouse really showed how unintelligent, simple-minded and chatty 21 Savage is," another user chimed in. "Imagine a rap nigga, any nigga, calling Nas irrelevant."

21 Savage's opinion on Nas' relevancy isn't the first controversial statement that has caused heavy debate in the rap game recently, specifically on the Clubhouse platform. The current backlash comes just about one week after the "Circo Loco" spitter stated that would beat any of the rappers who joined him as part of the 2016 XXL Freshman Class in a Verzuz battle. As a result of the statement, 21's fellow 2016 XXL Freshmen, Desiigner and Kodak Black, were quick to take 21 Savage to task with both rappers saying they'd be up for the challenge.

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