21 Savage is doubling down on his assertion that he could beat every member of the 2016 XXL Freshman class in a Verzuz. In particular, the Atlanta rapper says he would smoke Kodak Black, causing Yak to respond.

On Wednesday (Nov. 9), 21 Savage sat down with Kai Cenat for a live Twitch stream chat. During the talk, the topic of 21's recent viral comments came up. He didn't back down from his previous statements. When asked if he still felt the same, he responded, "Yeah, depending on the crowd. Yea, for sure," at the 3:25-mark of the interview.

When asked particularly about Kodak Black, who is one of the members of the 2016 Freshman Class who responded to 21's initial comments, the Her Loss rapper proclaimed an easy W.

"I'm smoking Kodak," 21 Savage replied. "Nah, Kodak got some shit, though. It just depends how a nigga play it, how it go, though."

He added, "He be acting like I aint got the shit. That what be the problem. Niggas be forgetting. I don't know what niggas be thinking. Before all this Drake shit, I been having hits. I been had diamond songs. I'm probably the only nigga of this generation to go platinum with no features."

Kodak Black has since responded to 21 Savage's latest interview.

"21 don't want the smokes," Kodak told his fans on Instagram Live. "That nigga ain't say nothing yet. I done DM'd that nigga. Man, what's up, run it. I done hit Verzuz. Don't be capping on this internet, homie, [if] you ain't ready to stand up in the fire. 21 don't want the smokes. Drake know that nigga don't want the smokes. Drake know what's going on."

21 Savage opened a can of worms when he said no member of the beloved 2016 XXL Freshman Class could outlast him on the Verzuz stage. Kodak initially responded to 21 Savage's confident boast by calling it cap. Desiigner even laughed off the claim.

There's only one way to settle this.

See 21 Savage Saying He Would Smoke Kodak Black in Verzuz and Yak's Response Below

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