Eminem once turned down a one-off joint performance with 50 Cent that would have paid out $9 million.

On Jan. 6, Real 92.3's Big Boy's Neighborhood aired a new interview with 50. During the sit-down, the topic of his longstanding relationship with Eminem came up. Big Boy questioned whether the two rappers recently thought about going on tour together.

"Because of the Super Bowl [halftime show performance], I got an inquiry about the World Cup," 50 Cent explained at the 24:10-mark of the interview. "They had a budget of $9 million for it. I would have took $1 million and the other [$]8 [million] would have been for him. For a one-off...I'm saying, if you would do a one-off maybe you would do the biggest live sporting event in the world."

"I talked to [Eminem's manager] Paul [Rosenburg]," 50 continued. "They was like, he's not gonna do it."

During the interview, 50 Cent also revealed he is working on an 8 Mile TV show.

"I'm gonna bring [Eminem's] 8 Mile to television," 50 Cent revealed at the 24:54-mark of the interview. "We in motion."

"I think it should be for his legacy," 50 Cent continued. "It's important to me that they understand it. When [Steve] Stout would say ‘the tanning of America’ because America’s listening to Black music, right? And it’s really the culture losing its color for everybody to feel like they can enjoy it and appreciate it. Because they see someone who’s accepted and respected and it makes them a part of it also."

50 Cent's admission comes on the heels of 8 Mile costar Mekhi Phifer saying an 8 Mile film sequel is most likely out of the question.

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