On this day, Feb. 1, in hip-hop history...

2007: It was a moment that will forever be remembered in hip-hop radio infamy.

As 50 Cent was promoting his third studio album, Curtis, the Queens rapper sat down for a 2007 radio interview with Angie Martinez on Hot 97. After Angie and Fif discussed the rapper's music and business moves, Angie urged fans to call in and ask the "Candy Shop" MC questions. What happened next was one of those "can't make this s--t up" hip-hop moments.

Harlem rapper and Dipset member, Cam'ron, and the general manager of Koch Records called into the station, and after Angie asked Fif if he had any problems with Cam, the rapper said, "We don't have no problems, we good." At that point, 50 Cent spoke with the GM briefly before uttering the now-famous line "Put Cam on the phone" repeatedly.

50 Cent and Cam'ron proceeded to get into it over the fact that the G-Unit head had previously called Koch Records a "graveyard." The conversation got heated as Cam'ron and 50 began arguing over the stats of their opposing imprints, comparing Lloyd Banks and Jim Jones. Cam'ron argues that several artists on Koch have sold more records than some of the G-Unit signees.

After Cam started swearing on air, Angie had to cut the argument short, but the drama didn't stop there. After continuing to beef for a short period, the two New York heavyweights eventually put their business disagreement aside. In a case of hip-hop egos, this hilarious moment birthed the phrases "Put Cam on the phone" and "Curtisss."

Check out the video below to relive the on-air argument:

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