Video from YNW Melly's interrogation by police in connection to his arrest for a 2015 shooting near a local high school has surfaced.

YNW Melly's 2015 Police Interrogation Video Surfaces

On Sunday (June 18), video showing a 16-year-old YNW Melly being interviewed by police hit the internet. The video, which was obtained in full by XXL on Monday (June 19), shows the shoeless rapper in an interrogation room fielding question from detectives after he was arrested in 2015  and charged with three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and one count of discharging a firearm in public for firing a gun at a group of people near Vero Beach High School.

In the over two hour interrogation, detectives ask YNW Melly details about the shooting. Frustrations boil over on both sides during the back and forth. Detectives try to get Melly explain his actions by asking if he shot at the crowd in self-defense. Melly says he did and explains that one of the kids pulled a gun out on him. He gives the detectives the last name of the person and a description of the gun that was drawn on him as a 38 revolver.

From there, detectives have trouble getting more information out of the rapper. At one point, one the detective calls Melly a liar after not being satisfied with the answers the rapper is giving him about the whereabouts of the gun used in the shooting.

"I ain't saying no names, I ain't saying none of that," YNW Melly tells the detective around the 1:36:00 mark of the interview. "I respect you, but I can't do too much talking...Then that's getting somebody else in trouble."

The police then leave YNW Melly in the interrogation room to go look for the gun he told them was in a storm drain. As soon as the detectives leave, Melly begins to hop around and throw punches at the air. He then mimes shooting a gun multiple times and jumps around rapping like he's at a concert.

YNW Melly gets into a tense exchange with the next detective who continues to question him about the gun used in the shooting. Melly refuses to give him answers even after being threatened with witness tampering charges.

"Charge me then," Melly shoots back at the detective.

"You think you're a little gangster? You ain't nothing, dude," the detective responds.

The interview ends with Melly reiterating he shot in self-defense and refusing to tell police where the gun is. He is finally led out in handcuffs.

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Wack 100 Weighs in on the YNW Melly Interrogation Video

Wack 100 has offered his opinion on the YNW Melly interrogation video.

"I say the things others scared to say," Wack 100 captioned a video of the interrogation.  "My question is why isn’t the District Attorney or Police chief brought on attempt murder charges when they release interrogation footage that’s only accessible by law enforcement outside of the DA office or the court building ? This man told ok that’s street politics . But the very politic when acted upon is used to enforce the law!"

"So now law enforcement releases footage to the public that can only lead to violence happening to this man," Wack 100 continued. "Keep in mind he’s still incarcerated . Motive because the active case is going down the drain . Action expose the man so he’s harmed in prison or upon release. Where is this within in perimeters of the law ? Documents are public record - Cool that’s within the law . Interrogation footage isn’t public record.

Wack 100 is in fact mistaken. In the state of Florida and other states, interrogation videos are public record, accessible to the media by filing a public records request.

The Result of YNW Melly's 2015 Arrest

No one was hit during the Oct. 20, 2015 shooting. As he was still a minor at the time of the incident, YNW Melly was given a one-year jail sentence. While behind bars, he earned his GED. It was at this time that he penned his breakout single "Murder on My Mind."

YNW Melly's Current Legal Issues

YNW Melly is currently embroiled in a legal battle for his life, possibly quite literally. The South Florida rapper is currently on trial for the shooting deaths of his friends YNW Juvy and YNW Sakchaser, which occurred on Oct. 26, 2018. Melly was arrested for the crimes in February of 2019, with the case just going to trial last week. If found guilty, Melly could face the death penalty.

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