Drake's new album For All the Dogs is coming sooner than later, the rap star recently revealed.

Drake Reveals When For All the Dogs Is Dropping

On Wednesday (July 26), Drake performed the last of seven back to back shows in New York City for his It's All a Blur Tour. While making parting shots, Aubrey shared a new update with the crowd about his upcoming album For All the Dogs.

"Make new friends. If you drink, drink some liquor. If you smoke, smoke some weed. And if you like somebody, like my dad says, keep f**king," Drake told the crowd before dropping the bombshell.

"I will be back soon," Drake continued. "I have a album dropping for you in, like, two weeks or some s**t. But until then, just know, you're always with me and I'm always thinking of you. Everything I do is for you. Every time I step in that booth, I hope I make you proud."

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Drake's For All the Dogs Rollout

Drake first announced his new album For All the Dogs last month while giving details on his new poetry book Titles Ruin Everything, A Stream of Consciousness by Kenza Samir and Aubrey Graham.

"I made an album to go with the book,"  Drizzy announced. "They says they miss the old Drake girl don't tempt me," he wrote, before concluding with "FOR ALL THE DOGS" in all caps.

In the last week, Drake has been spotted wearing dog masks as a possible sign the project, which is rumored to be an R&B album, is coming soon. He will have plenty of time to test the album out on the road. He will be on tour with 21 Savage until October.

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See video of Drake announcing when his new album will be released below.

Watch Drake Reveal When His New Album For All the Dogs Is Dropping Below

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