Blueface is firing back after being called a "modern-day Ike Turner" by YouTuber Charleston White.

On Monday (June 5), Charleston White hit up his infamous Instagram Live to virtually confront Blueface regarding the constant drama between the Los Angeles rapper and the soon-to-be mother of his child, Chrisean Rock. When White compared Blueface to the late Tina Turner's notoriously abusive ex-husband, Ike Turner, the "BDD" spitter was quick to respond.

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Charleston White Calls Blueface the Modern-Day Ike Turner

"Blueface, I got to give you coins, n***a," Charleston White begins in the Instagram video below. "You are the modern-day Ike Turner. Because there’s no other musician, there is no other artist, who I see fill the shoes of an abusive lover. I just want to remind you, young brother. Cuz, whoever you is or what you is, you're abusing those girls. You are demonstrating some of the most foul and most disrespectful behavior that any black man can display publicly to his baby momma."

White continues: "The shame that you bring to this little girl, I wouldn’t be surprised if your baby have some emotional trauma that your child is dealing with because you do know that whatever the mother feels while she's pregnant, the children will feel, by way of the umbilical cord, feels what the mother feels. So, the shame you bring to the mother, you also bringing shame to your children."

Blueface Claps Back at Charleston White

In response, Blueface slid into the comments section of an Instagram post where No Jumper re-shared what Charleston White had to say. With one simple sentence, Face made reference to White's storied past in cooperating with authorities on criminal matters.

"It's a mouse in the house," Blueface wrote accompanied by a rat emoji, a house emoji and a laughing emoji.

Blueface Has Been Called Out Before for Mistreating Chrisean Rock

Charleston White certainly isn't the first person to take Blueface to task over the way he treats Chrisean Rock. In fact, just two days ago, Erykah Badu hit up Instagram with a snippet of Blueface's new music video for "BDD," throughout which he is seen rapping around a bunch of pregnant women in an apparent attempt to troll Rock. The Baduism singer captioned the video with, "He's trash. Universe, do your thing."

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Blueface's Mom Responds to Erykah Badu

When word got around to Blueface's mother, Karlissa Saffold, that Badu had some choice words for her son, Saffold came to her offspring's defense. The "Thotiana" rhymer's mom, who has had her own issues with Blueface in the past, blasted Erykah Badu, basically telling the crooner to mind her own business.

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Watch Charleston White Call Blueface a Modern-Day Ike Turner and See Blueface's Response Below

See Blueface Call Charleston White a Rat Below

Blueface Fires Back After Being Called ‘Modern Day Ike Turner’ by Charleston White

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