It sounds like Blueface has no regrets about kicking out his mother and sister from his home.

On Thursday (July 17), the 2019 XXL Freshman uploaded a clip of a new song he made recently. In the untitled track, Blueface raps about his family feud and defends his decision to put his mom and sister out on the curb.

“'Cause bitch, I'm the shit, on my mama and my sis/Had to kick my own blood out, they must've forgot I was a Crip,” Blueface raps in his verse.

For the unfamiliar, Blueface recently kicked his mother and his sister out of his home in California. Last month (June 30), Blueface's mother, Karlissa Saffold, went live on Instagram while her son proceeded to remove her and his sister Kali from his place. In the video, Blueface and Kali are seen arguing while their mother records. Later on, we see the "Stop Cappin" rapper pick up their belongings and take them towards the door.

After Blueface called his mother a clout-chaser, Karlissa hit up her own Instagram timeline and explained her side of the story.

"The person I exposed was Mr. BlueFace that was not my son and I made sure he knew it," Saffold wrote in her Instagram caption. "Whoever is creating this person was put on notice that I’ll put the whole situation on blast to protect my son. My children know that I would die for them without blinking and I needed whomever is testing him or me to know it. I deeply regret pushing BlueFace to anger but I refuse to allow him to destroy my son Johnathan! This was not about money or me trying to control his house because if I see the devil coming in you can best believe I’m going to be right behind her."

Check out the snippet of Blueface's new song below.

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