A Drake fan was grabbed by security after she jumped over a barricade to get close to him at his hotel.

Drake Fan Jumps Barricade and Gets Grabbed by Security

A Drake fan caused a scene when security grabbed her after she jumped over a barricade to get close to him at his hotel. On Saturday (July 22), celebrity photographer jay.runny posted a video on his TikTok page of an overzealous fan who tried to get close to Drizzy when he arrived at his hotel in New York. In the clip, a female fan jumps over a fence and tries to run toward Drake as he pulls up in an SUV. Hotel security grabs the woman as the OVO Sound leader got out of his car and walked into the hotel. The fan was screaming "Drake!" but the Toronto rapper seemed unfazed by the ruckus. See for yourself below.

@jay.runnyGirl falling her on knees for drake in upper manhattan NYC

♬ original sound - jay.runny

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Drake Wears a Dog Mask Outside of His Hotel

There are a lot of strange things happening while Drake is staying at his New York hotel.

Last Thursday (July 20), Drake was spotted leaving his hotel wearing a dog mask before he went to his It's All a Blur Tour event at the Barclays Center in New York. In a viral clip, Drizzy is filmed walking out of the hotel to a sea of paparazzi while wearing a Doberman Pinscher mask. The Her Loss rhymer was also appropriately dressed in a New York Yankees jersey and holding a glass of what appeared to be champagne.

There's no word on why Drake wore the dog mask, however, it may be related to his upcoming new album For All the Dogs, which he revealed with his poetry book last month. Drake's next album is rumored to be mostly R&B, but there is no official release date yet. The36-year-old rhymer is currently on tour with 21 Savage, which will run until October.

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Watch Drake Wear a Dog Mask While Leaving His Hotel Below

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