Chrisean Rock claims that Blueface keeps bringing up Lil Baby's name in their arguments while she's attempting to settle their differences for their newborn son.

Chrisean Rock Mentions Blueface Bringing Up Lil Baby's Name in Their Arguments

On Thursday (Sept. 7), Chrisean Rock hopped on Instagram Live and went on a tirade about Blueface's assumptions when it comes to her association with Lil Baby. In the clip, Chrisean Rock explained how Blue randomly mentioned Lil Baby in their discussion after she tried to make amends with the Los Angeles rapper.

Chrisean Rock hoped to squash her and Blue's beef for the sake of their newborn son, Chrisean Malone Jr. The video can be seen below.

"I'm tryna talk it out. We talking ’bout Lil Baby and his restaurant," Chrisean Rock stated. "F**k Lil Baby and his restaurant. N***a, I'm talking ’bout our kid. You talking ’bout me eating at someone's f**king restaurant."

In the same Instagram Live session, Chrisean Rock also addressed the 26-year-old rapper's claim about being kept away from seeing the birth of his son. According to the Baltimore rapper, Blueface made the conversation all about Lil Baby after she told Blue she was traveling to Baltimore for a performance with GloRilla and Gloss Up.

"You made it about f**king Lil Baby, bro," Chrisean Rock declared while on the verge of tears. "This is not Lil Baby's baby. What the f**k? It's your f**king child, bro. Nobody was going with a n***a. I was going with a b***h."

In February of 2023, Blueface claimed on an episode of The Bootleg Kev Podcast that Lil Baby attempts to flirt with Chrisean Rock even though she claimed her and Baby's relationship is strictly professional.

"She didn't tell you he [Lil Baby] was like, 'Oh, you sexy. Oh, I want you around," Blueface said to Bootleg Kev after Kev asked about the picture of Chrisean Rock and Lil Baby during Super Bowl weekend in Arizona. "Oh, you got potential. Come to the studio. What's your number?' I don't know if she like cuz or not but she trying to water it down."

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Chrisean Rock Fires Back at Blueface's Threat About Taking Away Their Son

Earlier that day, Chrisean Rock went on Instagram Live during a checkup appointment for Chrisean Malone Jr. and asserted that Blue won't take their baby away from her. In the video below, she critiques the rapper's approach to the situation regarding their child and addresses his claim about filing for custody of their baby boy. Blue made this statement after he saw a video of Chrisean Rock working out at the gym for the first time since giving birth.

"He's so selfish," she said. "Then he's trying to make it seem like it's me being the bitter baby momma when it's him."

Chrisean continued: "And then keeps saying, 'Oh, I'm going to take custody.' You have no say so, don't ever. Nobody taking my kid, bro. Nobody taking my baby from me yo. So go wait over there and take that s**t away."

Afterward, Chrisean revealed why Blueface and her aren't on good terms to begin with.

"We fall short because you don't control my funds no more," Chrisean Rock explained. "I left what you took straight up."

Chrisean Rock Talks About Blueface's Parenting Skills

Moments later, the Baddies reality TV star said that their son needs Blue in his life. However, she's hesitant based on how Blue's parenting is broadcasted on social media.

"Mr. Jr. needs his father," Chrisean Rock verbalized at the 1:26-mark of the video below. "But then, like, I be watching s**t. I don't think he [Blueface] needs him for real. Your kids don't know the Lord. That's first. They know how to post their d**k in the camera with their tongues out. And then you like to play with your son for clout."

After coming across Chrisean Rock's IG Live, Jaidyn Alexis, the mother of Blueface's other two children, went on Twitter and subliminally addressed Rock for speaking about their kids.

"Respectfully or disrespectfully leave my kids outta s**t," Jaidyn Alexis typed in the tweet below. "Ain’t mad bout nun b***hes tried to laugh at my pain now same ones sitting looking stupid and yet I haven’t said none it’s harder then it look huh imagine being # 1 anyway stream me n daddy music thanks for the theatrics…"

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Look at Chrisean Rock talk about Blueface and Lil Baby below.

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