Blueface mistakenly came at Lola Brooke on Twitter this week, but he meant to address Lady London.

Blueface Goes at Lola Brooke Instead of Lady London on Twitter

On Tuesday (July 25), Blueface hopped on Twitter to defend the mother of his son, Jaidyn Alexis, after Lady London hinted that Jaidyn Alexis wasted her time making a new song in the studio through a Twitter comment on July 22.

In the tweet below, Blueface labeled Lola Brooke a hater before adding that he and Jaidyn choose to keep their opinions about her music to themselves.

"You ain’t gotta be no hater lolabrooks," Blueface wrote in the tweet. "We not checking for you saying what we really think about YOUR music."

Blueface then advised the 2023 XXL Freshman rapper to focus on her own lyrics. From there, Blueface suggested that if Lola Brooke wanted to keep coming for Jaidyn Alexis, they'd take shots at her in Jaidyn Alexis' next single.

"Make yo lil’ raps in piece," Blueface continued in the tweet. "Keep it pushing, but if you want to go back an fourth with Jaidyn we can dedicate the next song to you an use you fr you won’t win this battle."

Little did Blueface know that it was Lady London that expressed her disdain for Jaidyn Alexis' new record, "Workout" days before.

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What Happened Between Lady London and Blueface's Baby Mother Jaidyn Alexis?

Lady London made a comment about the social media influencer's music after Jaidyn posted a video that teased her new single "Workout" on July 22 via Twitter, which can be seen below.

"Should I drop Monday? [hand over mouth emoji]," Jaidyn Alexis wrote as the caption of the post.

"Damn," Lady London wrote under the comment section of the tweet. "Studio time is wild expensive too."

Jaidyn Alexis responded: "Yea I seen your comment sis HA HA [shrug emoji] [hand over mouth emoji]."

Jaidyn Alexis' song, "Workout," dropped on Monday on all streaming platforms.

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See how Blueface defended Jaidyn Alexis below.

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