Blueface's mom, Karlissa Saffold, went on social media this week and downplayed a video of the rapper's 6-year-old son, Jayvaughn, being around scantily dressed women twerking.

Blueface's Mom Says Rapper's 6-Year-Old Son Wasn't Around Scantily Dressed Women Twerking

On Thursday (July 6), Blueface's mother hopped on Instagram Live to make light of a situation between the "Thotianna" rapper and her grandson, Jayvaughn, after fans expressed their views on it, which can be seen below.

Following a video of Blueface suggesting to his 6-year-old son to enjoy the company of scantily dressed women instead of a snack pantry going viral, viewers expressed their concerns about Blue's parenting skills.

Saffold, however, cleared the air and stated that her grandson didn't see anyone's derriere. Moreover, Blue's mom refers to the interpretation of the video as a false alarm.

"False alarm, false alarm," Saffold stated on IG Live. "He ain't going crazy. He ain't see nobody's ass. I checked it out. I went off, and they said he was not present to watch nobody's ass."

She goes on to claim the "Dear Rock" rapper covered his son's eyes while taking him to the pantry. Before switching the subject, Blue's mother tells everyone watching to go home.

"He's not watching nobody twerk. He ain't seen no naked ass. [Blueface] covered up his eyes, like this, while he took him to the pantry. So he didn't see no nakedness," Saffold added. "He ain't see no booty cheeks. False alarm, false alarm. Everybody go home."

In the live video, Saffold also stated that Blueface has several nannies and family members who are always on duty to watch the kids.

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What Happened Between Blueface and His Son, Jayvaughn?

On Thursday, Blueface shared clips on his Instagram Story of children in one room and scantily dressed women dancing in another room, which can be seen below. After seeing Jayvaughn searching for snacks in a pantry instead of being in the room with these ladies, Blue questions his son's sexuality.

"Son, come here," Blueface says in the video. "It's booty cheeks out here and you're in here looking for chips and Slim Jims. You ain't gay is you?"

After Jayvaughn shakes his head, Blue refers to him as his dawg.

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Watch Blueface's mom downplay a video of the rapper's 6-year-old son being around scantily dressed women twerking below.

Watch Blueface's Mom Downplay a Video of the Rapper's 6-Year-Old Son Being Around Scantily Dressed Women Twerking Below

Watch Blueface Question His 6-Year-Old Son's Sexuality After Discovering Him in a Snack Pantry Below

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